Estimation Center of Excellence Proof of Concept

The Estimation Center of Excellence (CoE) Proof of Concept sizes and estimates a representative sample of your organization’s current projects in order to demonstrate how an Estimation Center of Excellence would perform in your environment.

We help you:

  • Find out if a CoE would be effective in your environment
  • Understand and evaluate how IT and the business would integrate
  • Understand the benefits the CoE would provide for your organization
  • Identify any challenges in implementing a CoE

This service is ideal for a CIO or a Vice President of Software Development who is considering centralizing software project estimation and needs or wants evidence of the efficacy of proposed changes to their organization’s estimation processes. The Estimation CoE Proof of Concept is a time-boxed engagement that provides an understanding and evaluation of how your enterprise would operate the CoE; the role of IT and business in the CoE; and how the produced sizing, estimation, and other metric data would be used to your enterprise's benefit. Unlike other in-house estimation capabilities, the Estimation CoE Proof of Concept demonstrates the operational mechanics of how a custom CoE would function in your environment, using project data drawn from a representative set of internal software projects.  

Consulting Services:

The services featured on this page are standard, packaged offerings developed from years of experience working with clients across various industries. These services are proven to be effective, but we understand that they may not fully meet your specific needs. We often get requests to develop customized offerings based on the fundamentals of an existing service(s), and we’d be delighted to discuss your particular situation.

Learn More:
  • Article: The business case for an Estimation Center of Excellence.

The Insights section of our website features additional reference materials. Visit it to find more information on this topic. 


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